12th October, 2019 | Cyber Conventions

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Learn the cutting edge technologies.

GDG DevFest Hyderabad brings together the community experts in Android, Web and Cloud technologies to Hyderabad for a day of sessions, workshops and code labs.

Hyderabad DevFest can be considered as “Technical Diwali” that celebrates the achievements of the computing world and the constant urge to connect, code and innovate.


900+ Attendees


15+ Speakers


30+ Sessions


3 Tracks

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Rockstar speakers from DevFest 2018

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Janakiram MSV Analyst, Advisor and Architect, Janakiram & Associates

Niyam Bhushan UX-Design professional,

Megha Aggarwal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Shubham Pachori Product Manager, SHIPMNTS

About DevFest 2019


Google Developers Group (GDG) - is open and volunteer geek community who create exciting projects and share experience about Google technologies with a passion.


What is GDG?

GDG Hyderabad is a drive to concentrate the efforts of many developers in and around the magnificent city of Hyderabad to learn, share and get productive using the various Google products.

Team GDG

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12th Oct 2019 - Cyber Conventions

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Hyderabad is the capital of southern India's Telangana state. A major center for the technology industry, it's home to many upscale restaurants and shops.


Announcing GDG DevFest Hyderabad 2019

It’s time of the year when people look forward to some “Nerd Stuff” to bring opportunity to life. Here we announce the most-awaited, beloved flagship conference..

Call for Speakers

GDG DevFest Hyderabad 2019 has been announced! The 7th edition of the biggest conference about Google technologies in Hyderabad..

Inviting Community Partners

Google Developers Group Hyderabad, welcomes all the local developer communities of the city to partner with us for our annual flagship event..

Inviting Startups & Developer Ninjas

GDG Hyderabad is inviting applications from local startups and developer ninjas to participate at the DevFest 2019..

DevFest 2018 Summary & Thank you Note

Thank you, partners and everyone who made our annual flagship event - [DevFest 2018] a huge success. With over 80% attendee satisfaction rate and 40% women attendee rate..