Team of GDG Hyderabad DevFest 2019

20 years ago, a dream to make knowledge accessible universally came true. Fast forward to 2018, Google has grown into not just a firm that believes in its roots of continuous learning and sharing but also has become an integral part of our daily lives, as they say “googling around the world”.

At GDG Hyderabad, we believe in sharing the same values and expanding to more avenues of collaborating and co-developing ideas to build a creative and innovative platform for developers, technologists and passionate minds.

GDG Hyderabad is an open community run by the diverse and inspiring enthusiasm of its members. Our team is thus driven by this love for bringing an impactful change in the society with the power of technology and community spirit.

Bharath Silagani GDG

Gaurav Sharma GDG & Hydroid

Venkata Dinesh GDG & Hydroid

Pankaj Rai GDE

Apoorva Tiwari WTM

Ankita Mehta GDG Cloud

Kalyan Dikshit GDG

Swathi Bavanaka WTM

Pratyusha Simharaju Google

Prateek Pandey GDG Cloud

Uday Manam GDG Cloud

Neil Ghosh GDG Cloud & GDE Cloud

Rabi Kiran GDE Angular

Anudeep M GDG

Aditya Sai Volunteers

Hema Sai Charan Kothamasu Organiser

Srikar Nanduri Organiser

Mohammad Azhar Ali Lead Student organiser

Syed Sohaib Uddin Lead Student organiser

Kaushik Nallapuneni Student organiser